Who can submit reports?

Anyone, as long as they create an account by sending an email to info@xcottawa.ca.

Why an not automatic accounts or no accounts required to post?

We tried automatic account setup and the spam overwhelmed us. So an email is required to get an account. It will take about 24hrs for a reply, then you are all set for life!

What are the symbols about?


Are those snow flakes in the title?

Yes, its a rating system!

  • = Excellent
  • = Good.
  • = OK
  • = Poor (Rock Skiing)
  • = Unskiable


What are the rules (etiquette) for Cross Country Ski Trails?

Downhill skiers have the right of way.

Trails are 2-way traffic unless otherwise posted - use caution on hills and keep right.

Always follow the proper direction on one-way trails.

When meeting oncoming skiers, skaters should step into the tracks to provide more room for oncoming skaters.

Where there is only one track, all skiers should keep to the right regardless of which side the track is on.

Faster skiers should step around slower skiers when it is safe to do so. A friendly greeting is also recommended.

If you fall, move off the track and fill in any holes so it is safe for the next skiers.

If walking is necessary, stay to one side and avoid walking on set tracks.

Keep clear of the track when not skiing. Stay well to the edge if rewaxing, chatting or resting. Don't stop at the bottom of hills or on blind corners.

Be courteous and helpful to fellow skiers.

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